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There is an increasing number of attractions in the region south of Pattaya and around Bang Sare. Possible activities range from sports, golf, diving, island hopping tours, water fun parks, beach life to fine wining and dining. And of course he Nong Nooch tropical garden, the biggest tropical and palm tree garden in Thailand, is a must see.

Sai Kaew beach

Haad Sai Kaew (crystal sand beach) is a small and hidden beach within the military restricted area south of Bang Saray. The 500m long white sandy beach is only open at daytime till 6 p.m. Getting there needs to pass the military control point, where everybody must register and leave the passport. After the check point, one has to follow the road for two kilometers towards the entrance of the beach area, where an admission fee of 100 Baht is required (Thais pay only 30 Baht).

To find the road towards the beach, one must turn right at the second traffic light on Sukhumvit Road (direction Sattahip).

At the very nice and attractive beach there are some food shops, a restaurant, a massage shop and beach chairs. The water is turquoise blue and clean, the sand is white and the sea is shallow. Some trees offer shadow.

During weekdays one can reach the beach directly by car or motorcycle. On weekends, pickup taxis transfer guests to the beach.

Bang Sare Bang Sare Bang Sare Bang Sare Bang Sare Bang Sare

Daytrips to the islands

Pattaya speedboat agencies offer speedboat dayrips (e.g. or party boat trips to the small uninhabited islands off the shore of Pattaya and Bang Sare. Koh Phai, Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Khram Yai und Noi oder Monkey Island have nice sandy beaches, good snorkeling spots and crystal clear waters. The speedboat trips make it possible to visit at least three or four islands at one day, providing BBQ on the beach and snorkelling equipment or even water skis. Boats are leaving from Ocean Marina at Najomtien,10 Km north of Bang Sare.

Koh Khram belongs to the Thai navy base in Sattahip and can not be visited. It is a sea turtle sanctuary and national park. Boats are allowed to stop in the white sandy bays around the island.

Wild makaks are living on Monkey Island near to Bang Sare. They enjoy playing and swimming with tourists and can be feeded.

Koh Larn is an island just in front of Pattaya and a popular daytrip location. The beaches are white and clean, but can be crowded, epecially on weekends and holidays. The water is crystal clear an good for snorkeling and swimming.

Koh Rin and Koh Man Wichai are small island pearls with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters for swimming and snorkeling.

Sattahip and islands

It is only 15 Km south from Bang Sare to the small towns of Sattahip and Samaesan. The Thai marine base town is worth a day trip visit. Form Samaesan pier there are boats to the southern islands of Koh Samaesan or Koh Kham (not Koh Khram !), nice islands for swimming, sun bathing or snorkeling.Theses islands do not have accomodations and must be left at 4 pm, because they belong to the military restricted area around Sattahip.

Koh Samed (Rayong)

Koh Samed is a small coral island 6 Km south of Ban Phe east of Rayong. It needs a 90 minutes drive from Pattaya to Ban Phe, where boats leave to Koh Samed every full hour between 6 am and 6 pm. Guarded car parking is possible near to the piers. Busses and Minibusses connect Pattaya and Ban Phe.
Koh Samet is a national park with nice white sandy beaches and a good choice of beach resorts. Every month there are some activities and full moon parties. On weekends and holidays the island can be crowded, because it is quite easy to come to Koh Samed from Pattaya or Bangkok or other cities.
There is no bus connection from Bang Sare yet. But several agencies in Pattaya offer cheap trips to Ban Phe or Koh Samed. Malibu Travel offers to pick up guests from Ambassador City south of Najomtien. The ticket costs 220 Baht (one way, 8 am in the morning). From Bang Sare to Ambassador City is a half an hour drive by Pickp taxi (20 Baht).

map of Bang Sare


Nearby Bang Sare are some nice Golf Clubs which can be reached by car. The nearest is Phoenix Golf & Countryclub.


Around the islands next to Pattaya and Bang Sare are some very good diving sites. Several Dive Centers in Pattaya offer dive trips to Koh Phai, Koh Bon or Koh Khram. The next to Bang Sare centers are located at Jomtien beach: Mermaids Scuba Diving Center und Jomtien Dive Center

Nong Nooch tropical garden

The 1984 opened Nong Nooch Palm Garden is not only Thailand´s biggest palm garden (maybe the biggest in southeast asia), it is a popular holiday and weekend park for families and tourists, Beside the thousands of palms in the garden, there are beautiful flower gardens, cultural dance shows, elephants and restaurants at Nong Nooch. This 600 acres park is located nearby Bang Sare and opens its gates daily from 8 am to 6 pm. The entrance fee is 500 Baht per adult, kids up to 120 cm size pay 250 Baht. The Thai dance show ticket cost another 500 Baht. For palm enthusiasts Nong Nooch garden is a must see.

Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden

Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden Nong Nooch tropical garden

Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark

The first Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark with gigantic waterslides has opened its door to public end of october 2014. The park is very near to Bang Sare on Sukhumvit Road. Fun and action is guaranteed for young and old, and especially families will be attracted not only by the slides and pools, but also by the well known cartoon stars. Opening hours are 10 to 18, and entrance fees is from 80 to 1590 Baht.

Silverlake wineyard

It needs only a 30 minutes drive from Bang Sare to the region and beautiful landscape of Silverlake wineyard. The wine that grows here should be one of the best in Thailand, and bottles can be bought here. There is a restaurant which serves Thai and italian food, and a walk to he nearby silverlake can be nice. Daily opening hours are 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. (till 10 p.m. on weekends).

Khao Chi Chan (Buddha Mountain)

On the north eastern side of Khao Chi Chan a huge, nearly 100m high Buddha shape is lasered into the mountain stone. The silent site can be visited when driving to silverlake or Wat Yannasang Wararam.

Wat Yannasang Wararam (Wat Yan)

Wat Yannasangwararam is located north east of Bang Sare beside a small lake and park. It is a modern temple with a high rising chedi, that was built in 1976, honoring Somdej Phra Yanasangworn, the former head of Thai monks. The temple is under direct protection of the Thai king. The temple can be visited and the nice park area is worth to walk or sit in the shade and have some local refreshments.

Silverlake Wineyard Khao Chi Chan Wat Yan

Viharnra Sien (Wihan Sian)

Neighbouring Wat Yan the big and beautiful chinese temple Viharn Sien (house of the gods), which had been built in 1987 to honor the 60th birthday of king Bhumibol, today is a museum, showing a very attractive and rare chinese arts collection.

Riding motorbike

Motorbike rentals in Bang Sare not only rent small motorcycles, but also big bikes. For 500 to 1000 Baht per day, bikers may enjoy the landscape and the curving streets nearby the town and between Pattaya, Sattahip and Rayong. An international drivers licence is required and bikers should bring their own dresses and helmets, although helmets can also be rented.

Ramayana waterpark

Neighbouring Silverlake the biggest Water Fun Park of Thailand opened in 2016 (appr. 8 Km from Sukhumvit Road).

Mimosa Pattaya (The City of Love)

Mimosa Pattaya is a fun and show park on the opposite side of Ambassador City in southern Pattaya, a bit north of Ban Amphur. Opened in 2013, Mimosa is built as a small and romantic artificial village to spend relaxing time with shopping, eating and watching shows, which start at 6.30 p.m. every evening. The entrance fee is 50 Baht per person.

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